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Boys Development

About Our

The Boys Development Project develops, designs and delivers
programmes targeting children (but primarily boys) and their families, within schools, children’s centres and other community settings.

Our primary focus is educational achievement. We target those
characteristics that can lead to underachievement (for boys and girls), and address these as children come into reception classes, and with parents before they arrive in school.

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Our Approach


A primary focus on boys, because they represent the majority of


Recent developments in brain plasticity have moved us away from
“hard-wired’ notions of gender and development.


While most school-interventions are focused on the child, ours are
with parents and teachers.


We focus on characteristics that hinder educational achievement
(language, physicality, high emotion, and a willingness to take instructions).


We have a series of methods that help settle children into their
learning, and remove the threats of underachievement.

What's New

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Screens and

under 5’s

Screens and
under 5’s (with references)

Our Consultants

Trefor Lloyd

Trefor Lloyd has a long experience of carrying out research and investigations (usually leading to projects). He has over the years researched, developed and delivered a range of programmes targeting boys and young men, primarily in schools, but also youth services, criminal justice and community settings.

Neil Davidson

Neil Davidson trained as a youth worker, and has been involved in developing work with boys and young men since 1982, with a focus on sex and relationships education.  He was a co-founder of Working With Men, and then a full-time consultant for Working with Men from 1991 to 2006.

Simon Forrest

Simon Forrest is Principal of the College of St Hild & St Bede and a Professor of Sociology at Durham University. He is a trustee of AVERT (The AIDS Education and Research Trust). He has previously been Director of the Sex Education Forum, a Research Fellow in the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases at University College London.

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