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About Boys Course (ABC)

The About Boys Course (0-5) is a four-session programme, targeting
parents who have sons. ABC 0-5, aims to provide parents with an
opportunity to sift fact from fiction (such as whether boys need a father
and whether boys need firmer discipline). Give a better understanding of
their son’s development and behaviour; a series of techniques that work
with most boys, and more confidence in supporting their sons through


Parents have responded very well to this programme. Both internal and external evaluations found that parents learn a lot about their sons, learnt practical strategies, and all without feeling judged.


Links to the internal and external evaluations

There were over 300 trained Children's Centre workers delivering the ABC (0-5). However, since the cutting back of Children's Centres, this number has significantly reduced. There are no opportunities to become a course trainer, but we hope this will change in the future.

To enquire about this aspect of our work, contact Trefor Lloyd on
Trefor Lloyd 07788781759 &

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