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As well as ‘Stand Out Boys’, several schools have asked us to get
involved in other aspects of children’s behaviour.


Specific children’s behaviour
From nursery through to year 6, usually learning, or relationship-focused, and involve an intervention with parents and teaching staff (similar to ‘Stand Out’). Schools have also asked us to skill-up children who will find the transition to secondary difficult. We have focused on playground behaviour, and the transitions from playground back to class. We have also addressed behaviour-related issues of children on the autism spectrum, and with other diagnosed

Policies and school guidance
We have re-written behaviour policies (to make them more practical), and helped develop behaviour management, used outside of the classroom. To make sure outside class initiatives have a direct impact on behaviour, within the classroom.

Support for individual teachers
Schools have regularly asked us to observe and support teachers to develop their classroom behaviour management. Sometimes this is through “behaviour walks” (throughout the school), with any problems identified, and addressed, or targeting individual classrooms (where they are a more challenging group of children, or individual teachers who are

To enquire about this aspect of our work, contact Trefor Lloyd on 07788781759 or

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